About us

A family run enterprise, with extensive experience in LPG heating systems we offer solutions in a wide range of applications in industries across a wide spectrum. We have also grown in strength and today offer a wide range of services from technical advice and consultancy to provision of measuring equipment, test services and provision of raw data for manufacturing, and up gradation of existing heating systems. Our main objective has been to deliver quality in technology, equipment and service.

With this experience in the background, we have forayed into the cremator manufacturing segment and established our cremation system manufacturing unit. Vijay Cremator has developed a revolutionary cremator construction concept to simplify the process for its customers and provide state of the art equipment.

We are today one of the leading manufacturers of Cremator Equipment in India and offer innovative solutions and provide our customers with equipment that is long lasting and environmentally friendly.

Our website will easily allow you to gather information about our company, cremation practices, crematories and the services and products we offer.